Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Adventures in VR Chat...crossing borders

So one day while deep diving into Youtube I came across some videos about a game called VR Chat. Most use a VR system with this game and you can interact with people across the globe. As with any chat, loads of crazy antics take place along with, more adult convos and jokes, and just straight weirdness. I found myself laughing hysterically and clicking video after video until I finally decided to look into this game more.

VR Chat is used with a VR headset but it can also be used with your computer which meant that I could actually engage with this group of people and see first hand what it was really like. I wondered if it would feel like a Ready Player One world or if it would be reminiscent of Aol chats back in the day (ughh I'm getting old). When I first logged in I was immediately confused and had to adapt to the controls quickly because you are thrust straight in with other people pretty much. I eventually ventured into a Back to the Future poster portal which was inside a Ready Player One type world(Mind Blown). It allowed me to turn into a Delorean and had me going through a maze.

The first person I interacted with in the game was from South America. He decided to follow me around and team up to figure this maze out. We didn't get too far when two players asked us to team up with them on another game portal. I figured it could be fun and said, "Sure why not". Then I entered the spookiest place ever. I can not tell you how happy I was not to actually have a VR headset in this joint...It was a horror game with creepy girl laughter and jump scares. I bailed out finally when my avatar got stuck in a dang coffin with a dead girl. I'm claustrophobic so let me tell you just experiencing it through a monitor freaked me out....having a VR headset on would have gave me a flippin panic attack. I was like "Nope!" and logged off.

That first time was actually fun overall though so I decided to try it out again. I'm a bit insomnic so I got on around midnight and entered a Japanese Temple Portal. Once there I realized quickly that most of the other players were Korean or Japanese. This was fine with me though because I love those cultures and know a tiny bit of the language...emphasis on "tiny" though guys. The players were so nice and funny and spoke to me in English a lot. I even met a S Korean Youtuber named Master Strawberry who does voice over videos and for good reason. He had the best voice and he was hilarious. Him and I hung out there for several hours just joking around, singing, and doing quirky voices back and forth. Apparently this was a known spot for Youtubers to visit so quite a few fans were there hanging out with us too. A few Americans popped in and some were cool about the language difference while others left fairly quickly. I was sad to log out but friended a ton of people. There were a few dirty jokes but overall it was just a group of people hanging out messing around and making friends.A good experience over all. The users use software to create unique avatars and sometimes they are so hilarious and strange. You have to respect the creativity! A pic down below will give that example.

I will have many more adventures to share in the coming months, every trip into VR land is a new laugh filled experience worth sharing.


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