Thursday, June 22, 2017

~Summer with Serenity~

Continuing in our library week theme, weds was spent playing with fuzzy creatures and reading more books. After that we took a little detour to a fun military family event.


We woke up a bit late which felt wonderful! Being able to sleep in is such a treat! But that also meant that we needed to feed ourselves and get out the door to make it to an awesome library event with animals! A group called the Teeny Tiny Farm brought an array of cute animals for petting to the lawn outside the library and Seri and I had to go.

Look at that smile...

I felt a bit bad for the sheep its thick wool was burning up under the sun, but the keepers were making sure they had plenty of water.

This lil porker was a funny little guy. He had a ball in his pen that he would push around when excited and obviously he loved belly rubs!

When we got our fill we went back into the air conditioned space and read a few more books to add to her log. Then we had to get going to check out a free family military event at the base near by. This event was packed full of vendors, djs, and inflatables! Lots of free stuff and also very affordable snacks and other food. They even had a few crafts for the kids. 

A Pika moment...


When she couldn't hit the target one of the guys made sure to help her out!

Unfortunately Seri began feeling bad so we had to head back home. Too much fun and a summer cold that sticks around can bring a smiley girl down. Thursday will prob be a slow and calm day in order to help get her feeling better. What's Next?

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  1. Summer colds are somehow the worst. Not only is hard to cozy up and sip soup, but you know you are missing out on good weather when you want to be outside and enjoying life. Still looks like fun!

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