Thursday, June 22, 2017

~Summer with Serenity~

Today we had another fun event planned at the library. Keeping this week calm and still trying to kick a summer cold while embracing the summer time feeling is tough. Let me sum up what we did today. ;)

Today was a fairy day. Serenity dressed up in her best fairy clothes and fluttered off to the car to head to the library. She got to make a fairy garden teacup craft. She decorated a cute tea cup with a fairy house and a tiny mushroom and also made a little wooden wand. Once she was finished she got to spin the prize wheel for reading 5 more books. She won a cute cat ear headband and a tiny paint it yourself craft!

I even got her to read a few more books to add to her log. I love going to this library because they always have fun activities and Seri enjoys the little puppet theater they have near the kid's area.

Afterwards a friend invited us over to have dinner and play so we made our way as quickly as we could. Our friend has a fun tire swing out front and Seri giggled as she got a little push. As they swung together they noticed little flickering lights around the yard. Firefly catching was next on their list! We hung out until after sunset and then had to say goodbye reluctantly and get ready for bed. Yet another busy day. 

What does tomorrow hold?

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