Friday, February 17, 2017

Wine it worth it?

For Valentine's Day my hubby was sweet enough to indulge me in something that really matters to me.He got me something that I love and He indulged me in wine. Now I can have that glass that makes the day feel better everyday. OK not everyday...every other day ha ha. Back to the point...he got me a subscription through a company online called Winc. You sign up and can get them to select, or as I prefer you select, several bottles of wine for a decent fee and they ship it to your home in a timely manner. I think the costs are appropriate and fair. The wines look beautiful and are carefully selected. I have yet to drink them due to how pretty they are and due to the fact that I chose to drink my big bottle of sake instead! :) I will slowly get to them and write up a review for each but for now here is what I was sent.

I don't know how everyone else feels but I love red wine....I love very heavy red wines. Some say they get headaches but I'll tell you what gives me a head ache. A shitty white wine. They give me such a migraine. Red wines are my favorites. I only selected red wines to be sent so that's all I will be reviewing through the subscription. I have a few white wines I favor and I will do a post on them all together in the future for those white wine gals.

Another cool thing they send in the box is a magazine looking book that talks more in detail about the wines and about what they pair well with. They also have a link that you can look up recipes, which I find rather interesting and creative of the company. Very smart...and kind I must say. Most of us don't pair wine though do we? We just drink it as is at the end of the day when the kids are asleep and we want to watch our own shows and breathe for a few hours. Nice thought though...

Gradually I will open up these bottles and post a review and will add the link to this post in case any one wants to check it out. Here's the link to Winc 

Wine Drinking Updates:
Chommie: (2nd bottle on the left in the first picture)
This wine had a very unique flavor because it had hints of eucalyptus in it. You deff get a bit of a medicinal taste but not in a bad way more like in a, "Oh maybe this wine is healthy", brain trick kind of way. I enjoyed it and it was an easy sipper. Nothing too bold or over whelming. It is a Cabernet and when ever in doubt a Cab is a friend in deed.
Tempo Vero: (4th bottle on the Right)
When you take your first sip of this wine the acidity really is all you can think about. The acid has a bite to it that is a bit distracting honestly. As you drink more your palette adjusts to it but I am not a fan of wines with this much bite. Its ok but deff not a favorite.
La Forza: (1st bottle on Left)
This was one hell of a first taste. This is my favorite...I haven't tried the last one but who gives a damn...this wine was wonderful. No kick back on that first sip just smooth and tasty. I love it and will deff order it again. I shared the bottle with some friends and they enjoyed it just as much. Such a winner with this one. Made me so glad I got the subscription!
Rosa Obscura: (3rd bottle on the Right)
This was my least favorite. So acidic and the flavors didn't mix well in my opinion. It is a Red Blend and I didn't not enjoy the combination at all.It is listed as being a "delicious dessert all on its own". I very much disagree. Not for me...but will get emptied none the less.

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