Friday, February 17, 2017

Wine it worth it?

For Valentine's Day my hubby was sweet enough to indulge me in something that really matters to me.He got me something that I love and He indulged me in wine. Now I can have that glass that makes the day feel better everyday. OK not everyday...every other day ha ha. Back to the point...he got me a subscription through a company online called Winc. You sign up and can get them to select, or as I prefer you select, several bottles of wine for a decent fee and they ship it to your home in a timely manner. I think the costs are appropriate and fair. The wines look beautiful and are carefully selected. I have yet to drink them due to how pretty they are and due to the fact that I chose to drink my big bottle of sake instead! :) I will slowly get to them and write up a review for each but for now here is what I was sent.