Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mom-ing in 2016

Being a mom in 2016 is like having a delicate little butterfly and putting it in a box with holes in it. You are afraid. You are afraid of the outside world influencing this small fragile creature. afraid that the thing you love most will be hurt or changed by the big bad "unknown". Why? Because the media, social and world wide alike, tells you that horrible things will happen if you give any freedom to your "butterfly". They will be kidnapped, attacked, killed. They will get lost or be forever changed.

When I was young, and mind you this was in 1987-1990's, I would rush outside to play every single day. I would have homework...a bit of Power Rangers...and then out I would go to the park behind my house...unsupervised. From kindergarten till...geez....forever. I was hardly parentally supervised unless taken some where in a car and even then not REALLY. But the world has changed...I am scared to even let my eight year old ride her bike beyond view. What if some one pulls up in a car and takes her...always "what if?".

Is it really all that different from when I was a kid? I guess it is...but I wish it wasn't. My daughter would rather be interacting with technology than with nature. This gradually got more and more true as she got older. " Ewwww bugs....ughhh hot....oh my goodness I am tired...I am hungry..." There is always an excuse to come back inside and enjoy the comforts of technology. Is this just how the future looks? I wonder...

Mom-ing in 2016 Part 1 : The outside world is scary and technology is possessing my kid.


  1. There's also individual differences to consider, though. I wasn't allowed to ride my bike out of sight when I was a kid (early '90s) and I FAR preferred staying inside and reading or playing my NES/Game Boy/PC games over going outside to do... anything.

  2. That is true. The fear behind letting your kids out on their own seems heightened to me though. After being around a lot of moms in play groups and seeing the similarities and seeing the development of "helicopter" moms its hard not to observe and relate. The world might not be any more unsafe than when we were kids but it deff is projected more as such in my view.