Monday, July 18, 2016

Serenity @ Summer Camp Day 1 2016

Hi! I'm Seri and I'm going to summer camp again this year!

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1st day of Camp Monday July 18th, 2016

Today I made new friends. I can't remember all of their names yet but I'm trying to learn them.

 I am going to camp with my friend Mikayla this year because she is finally old enough to join me. 

 When I first got there I felt excited because I knew that it was a really great place. The first thing to do when you get there is to check in and go inside the Trading Post to wait for your Camp Counselor. My Counselor is so nice and she has an assistant. 

After check in we went to the Cafeteria for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, bacon, a biscuit with blueberry jam, potatoes, and cereal. I got too much and couldn't eat all of tummy was stuffed!

Next we went target shooting with air-soft guns. I did great! I got it just inside the black part of the target. Then we went right next door to the archery area. On my first try I only got one arrow on target. But the second time I got all 5 of my arrows on the target. It felt amazing! I got two on yellow, one on red, one on white, and one on blue.

After that we went to the Ponderosa building and we played Duck Duck Goose and we introduced ourselves to each other. I said, "Hi my name is Serenity or Seri. My favorite color is mint. My favorite animal is the sloth."

For lunch I had chicken nuggets and french fries. I loved their fries a lot! The chicken nuggets were okay. 

Later on we went to the pool. I did the swim test but I accidentally swam into the wall and ended up grabbing the wall which made me fail. I even went on the water slide. The current on the slide was so strong that it flipped me over on my belly and then I fell out into the pool on my stomach. Mikayla and I played in the pool with the counselors. We had so much fun!

Last and not least, we got FREE TIME! Free time is when you can get a treat from the Trading Post or play games. I got a big dipper ice cream cone and some water. :)

I love my summer camp...see you tomorrow!
-Serenity :) :)

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  1. Love my red headed wonder!!!!! Sounds like day one was a great success, Proud of you!!! My favorites color Green and Sloths have always intrigued mw.

    Love You Seri,


  2. Mint, interesting. Sounds like a great day!