Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Serenity @ Summer Camp Day 3 2016

Hi! I'm Seri and I'm going to summer camp again this year!

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3rd day of Camp Wednesday July 20th, 2016

Today I was so so happy to be at camp again!

For breakfast I had bacon, eggs, potatoes, corn flakes, and a roll.

I enjoyed taking pictures and being goofy with my friends after eating. It was so fun! :)

After breakfast we went rock climbing on the camp's climbing wall. I got to do it three times and made it HALF way up! Then we went tree climbing with harnesses .I got half way up the tree too! It was so exciting. Right after tree climbing we got to go on the "Flying Squirrel". Which is a pulley with a harness that your friends pull you up into the air. I went so high! 

For lunch I had a BBQ sandwich and sweet potato fries. I loved the sweet potato fries but I didn't like the sandwich that much.

We had a story time when lunch was over. After story time we had play time. I played volleyball!
We also played with pool noodles. We even had a little nap time for 30 minutes and I slept through the whole thing because I was so tired out from all our activities.

Today was a unique day with harnesses. Because tree climbing, rock climbing, and the flying squirrel all use harnesses. We didn't get to go into the pool because the weather got terrible. 

-Serenity :) :)

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