Monday, May 9, 2016

Mount Scott Exploration in Lawton, Oklahoma

  Some trips are stressful. You get caught up in obligations, family drama, and you weaken under the pressure. This happened to me during a recent trip to Oklahoma for my sister's wedding. While trying to create a beautiful memory things started going thing after another until it became a tangled mess.

 So what did my little family of three need to do? We needed to get away and take a quiet moment for ourselves. We went out to Lawton, Oklahoma and drove up Mount Scott. Once we got up there we began exploring and climbing down and over boulders and chasms and letting ourselves get lost in the adventure of it.

This mountain held memories for my husband. As a young man he would climb it with his younger brother, doing crazy jumps and even racing at times. Being there again let him fall back into those moments. His excitement was so obvious...and his joy at sharing this with his daughter made me break out my motherly smile, saved for such occasions.

The wind was ferocious up on the mountain making it very hard to record much video, and making it very hard not to trip or fall over. Due to such windy conditions we couldn't stay as long as we had hoped to. I was too worried about my little girl tripping or falling...basically went in to mother bear mode and had to put my paw down that it was just not a good idea to stay. While we were there I got a ton of wonderful pictures and my hubby and little one got to play a bit and that is what matters. What matters is having these moments even if they are short or happen less often than you wish...we have to make them happen when we can.

You always hear from others how peaceful mountains are...Go to the mountains...escape from everyday life. I do think it felt a bit like that for us. Escape from your worries...go into a windy rough terrain and don't let yourself "think". Just be present. In our techie-friendly world that is a hard thing to do. We always have a screen in front of our faces blocking out our family and friends. We escape into the digital world now a days instead of the natural one.I have realized that the more I explore the more I want to experience and the more I want to see. I want MORE!

So let me say this to you...."Go climb a mountain..." It may do you some good.

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