Monday, February 1, 2016

Confessions of a PTA Mom

1) We get together once a month...and yes there is A LOT of trivial stuff to go over...most of us just nod along until we get to the source of why we decided to get up, put on "outside clothes", and sit through the mundane talk.

2) We "strategize" the best way to get the nicest ways possible...

3) The new people are immediately targeted and at the slightest hint of enthusiasm...we lock on! There is a great need for volunteers to head up some of the many things we do for the school.

4) The new people soon realize that their enthusiasm might be their downfall as Spring Elections come nearer and they are seen as obvious replacements for the tired and now free former board members.

5) The more time you end up spending volunteering and taking part at school, the more you feel like you work there...and the more you get to know the staff.

6) I personally have done a lot of Reading Month activities and have gotten quite close to the librarians...most of them that is. Its awesome to be able to become friends with the people who are helping to educate and look after your you get all the juicy school gossip ;)

7) The more you do...the more you end up doing more....and more...

8) The more you do the more you realize how hard it is to get others to cooperate and join in.

9) Even when you get tired or you fail to get as much involvement as you still take pride in contributing and pleasing those few who do take part.

10) A lot of work goes into being a PTA mom. Lots of planning, participating, and putting up with difficulties. I can not help but admire the women around me for how much they care and commit. Working hand in hand with the staff these people make your child's year full, exciting, and amazing! So always join the PTA and always help out if you get the chance because its worth it...and you will be building a bigger community by doing so.

Lovely Things


  1. Have not tried attending PTA meetings of my kids yet but it would be interesting to know how it would be like. Lovely post! #lovelythings

    1. The better the PTA the better the events for the school. Active PTA's with very caring and devoted parents make the school a much better place for the kids! :)

  2. I am currently on the parent's committee for my son's pre-school and it's such a nightmare as it's only me and one other Mum. I'm really taken back by how few people join and you're right it's rewarding but hard work. Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings