Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Goodwill Haul

The other day we stepped into Goodwill to browse around while waiting for Serenity's dance class to finish. We walked out with arms full and smiling faces because we found a bunch of awesome stuff. We got a unique drink dispenser, an old board game, kids books, a Littlest Pet Shop Play set, and a couple of books for myself. Best of all we got all of these things for about 12 bucks! Here's a few pics of our haul. What have you gotten lately?

Oh and this Littlest Pet Shop Play set is sold for A LOT when you have all the pieces. Some sellers on Amazon are asking over $160 for it!! Amazon link

This 1996 game is also quite pricey online! It can be found on Amazon for over $99 bucks! Amazon link
What an amazing find!

Checking out your local thrift shops can be fun and you never know what you might find...maybe even something extremely valuable. Its even more satisfying going to thrift stores that use their sales to help charities! Try it out some time if you haven't and you might end up hooked!

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