Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Loot Crate for August: More Villains!

I'm VERY behind on posting this! Its almost time for September's Loot Crate and here I am posting Augusts. Oh well! Last month's was all about giving us more Villains gear! There were less items than the norm but the items in the box were worth more this time around. Loot Crate is a box subscription supplying nerds, fans, and gamers. Its 19.99/month and comes packed full of awesome items. My hubby was very excited to get his box and loved every item in it!

As always loot Crate went all out on decorating the interior of the box to suit the theme.

First up we have a wooden Joker with changeable faces. This was very unique and great to have set up on the hubby's desk at work.

At first I was apron...and whats with the logo? Then I realized it was from Breaking Bad! Very cool and interesting choice made by the Loot Crate Crew.

Hail Hydra! Nice little Hydra pin.(Think Captain America if you are in the dark about it origins)

As always they have their monthly pin that embodies its theme.

This is one of the coolest items we have ever gotten in the "Crate". A Venom Mug. Its tongue sweeps around out of its mouth and becomes the handle in the back. The hubby was geeking out over this one! So was I...a tad!

That's an image right there...awesome.

This month's crate was very unique and Loot Crate always surprises us! In another week or so we will get our next one and I swear to post it a lot sooner haha!

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