Thursday, September 24, 2015

Exploring Virginia: New Kent

Last Exploration: Cape Charles

Recently we have been taking little trips around Virginia. Our hope is to explore our state and learn more about the different cities that embody it. There is something unique and beautiful about each new town we venture to. This time we went to New Kent, Va. New Kent is a small town with wineries, historical remnants, and lots of open space. We really enjoyed visiting the old buildings and taking in the peaceful atmosphere that this town had to offer.

One of the things I love most about my state is the expansive green terrain. Trees and sunshine! The views from the car were breathtaking.

Our first stop was to the original church that George Washington and Martha Washington used to go to long long ago. The church's name is St Peter's Parish Church. The pastor of this church from 1759 is said to have married George and Martha and they were known to worship here on many occasions. 

I was astounded by the massive tower and entry way below it. Serenity looked so tiny in front of it.

Inside a large light fixture rested above the door. It was large and impressive and so was the door.

Surrounding the church we found many old tombstones and burial grounds. This one dated back to 1728. We were making our way carefully around history as we passed these resting places.

We were in awe as we stared up at this structure. One can't help but envision those moments from the past, busy churchgoers entering together for their daily worship. We took it all in and then moved on to the next place on our adventure.

After our visit to the church we stopped in to New Kent Winery. Luckily for us they were just beginning a tasting. It was peaceful and gorgeous. The owners took great care of the premises and even brought in salvaged wood for the construction. It is $10 for a tasting and tour. After our tasting we selected two of our favorites to purchase and then explored the grounds.

There were so many beautiful details to capture in this building and the surrounding vineyard. I did my best to grab the most interesting and profound features so that I could share them here.

Next up on our journey was the Love sign in New Kent. It is our goal to one day get a photo with every single sign in Virginia. For more info on Love Works click HERE.

Before heading out we stopped by Wahrani Nature Trails. It was an easy and shaded path with lots of creeks and little bridges to cross. You could hear the chirps and croaks of wildlife all around as the animals created music for our visit.

We were tiring fast by this point and yet we were still ready to continue seeking out new places and new up Saluda, Urbanna, and a pit stop for dinner in Yorktown.

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