Tuesday, September 8, 2015

An Introspective Moment

There are moments in the day when your mind wanders. Moments where you are not in constant motion and busy with any given task. During these moments people tend to look inward. In that split second your worries and insecurities come to the forefront and you analyze them. This is when we get the "Did I do that right?", "Do they hate me?", "Why do I think this way?", thoughts. I bring this up because I am a parent of an only child and the new school year has begun. I find myself with more quiet moments than I can fill and too much internal reflection. What am I reflecting on today the most you might ask. Today I am reflecting on friendships.

As an adult we have many different kinds of friendships. Lately I feel the pressure of some of mine. When you start second guessing another person the resentments and toxic feelings can build and turn inward. I am trying to drive those useless thoughts out today. Sometimes it can not be helped. We can not help but distrust and doubt people. Its is also part of our survival instinct. Do we fight for a relationship or do we take flight from it. I am using this extra time to change this poisonous habit of mine. I don't need to analyze everything and everyone even if my mind automatically starts that process. I can shut it down and move in a different direction...or at least try to.

The first step to bettering oneself is accepting and taking ownership of wrong thoughts. I hope to change for the better.

Life restructure is needed. Family first...Love and care....Positivity.

Have you been burdened by thoughts like this lately?

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