Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Slow Down

When summer first begins I am always excited to have my little girl around. I start planning what we should do and love spending so much time with her day to day. By the end of the summer my patience has dwindled down to its lowest and my energy has run out. I know that most parents think the same. We all have a limit.

I have finally become that stereotypical parent that jumps for joy at the mention of school starting! Not because I hate or can't stand my kid, I feel nothing but overwhelming love for her. Its because I need a break. I need to have moments of silence in a house that is usually filled to the brim with questions, chatter, and yelling. For an only child Serenity makes up for the lack of other kids. Yes, her name is Serenity yet she has very few serene moments! She is energetic, smart, and, wants me to participate in all she does. This makes for a full day and me being worn out.

It is now only 18 days until school starts. I have to muster the strength to finish strong and give her a great ending to this summer, but all I really want to do is drink tea and nap. I know my time will come! As my past blogging schedule shows, we have been doing so much that I was posting things everyday. I can't keep that up! It must slow down as it should...everything gets harder the longer you do it. Unless you take a minute to recover. I need a summer recovery period...

I will push through my fatigue and continue this summer with good memories and happy moments...then rejoice with the school bus's arrival! Then of course after the first week I will be in tears because I miss my lovey so very much!

For all you creative and exhausted moms out is almost upon...not long now we can do it!

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