Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Crafts: S is for Serenity!

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Serenity is slowly decorating her room with what she deems suitable. As she gets older I know that things she treasured in the past might not be necessary for her when she is older. So I wanted to come up with a craft that she could do that would give her some creative freedom and help her explore her personality. I bought a large wooden S to stand for Serenity and I let her paint and design it according to who she thought she was. "What describes you Seri," I asked her. This S should let others know who you are. Blue and pink paint and a gazillion hearts, sparkles, and stars later we have a finished product!! It will be placed in her room and she can display it with pride.

What does Seri think describes her? 
  • She is a good student.
  • Her middle name is Autumn and she loves that season.
  • She loves nail polish and lip gloss
  • She is dramatic and exuberant
  • She loves math and writing stories
  • She loves to Make Believe!
  • My Little Pony is one of her favorites.
  • She loves to dance.
  • She loves sweets like ice cream and candy.
  • She loves cute things ;)
  • She loves the ocean and the Earth.
That is how she views herself.

What gives me the most joy is how positive her view of herself is. A very important part of being a parent is teaching your child to believe in themselves and view themselves in the best light. There is a lot of hate and meanness in the world that will get in the way of you teaching them that. You have to keep trying until your child has what they need to fight off that negativity. That is how I feel. I'm glad that so far she is learning to love who she is and I hope it continues!


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