Thursday, August 27, 2015

~*~Street Art & Diner Food ~*~

Recently we took a trip into Norfolk and I finally got to do what I have been wanting to for a very very long time! We took a stroll in the street art part of town. I have always wanted a closer look and a chance to take a few photos of these quirky and cool pieces. Now that I have I can not wait to share them!

We also grabbed a bite to eat at Doumars, which is known to be a place you have to try no matter what! It was such a cool experience and the food was so tasty...any place that serves burgers and fries without plates and slides me over a traditional root beer float is awesome in my opinion.They are a community staple! 

Not too long ago one of the owners who has been at the establishment since the beginning passed away. I felt an emptiness as we walked in. We had visited only once before and when we did the older owner was standing inside making home made waffle cones the old fashioned way on this large clunky machine, which turns out to be the world's oldest cone machine. It was astonishing to me that he was working at all let alone putting in so much effort! He was 92 when he passed last May and the community will miss him greatly! It is businesses like this one that have been passed down through the family that need to survive...they need to be protected and treasured. We will do our best to keep visiting and contributing to it sticking around for as long as it can. Be sure to stop by if you are ever in Norfolk.

We have another wonderful memory to add to our family history now. This visit to Norfolk was fun and exciting for us. Having moments like this with your family is the greatest gift. I can not help but feel grateful and cling to these days with the two people who mean the most to me in all the world. I hope we continue to explore together every day of our lives...

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