Sunday, August 2, 2015

Science with Serenity: Rocket Launcher

Serenity was given 20 dollars to spend on Amazon and she chose to buy two science related kits. One dealt with kitchen ingredients and the other dealt with mining crystals from rocks.

Currently $10.71 on Amazon.

Currently $7.99 on Amazon.

Today we decided to do the rocket launcher project. Serenity wants to chronicle each experiment she does so I will give my blog over to her once again so she can share her experiences.

The ingredients for the experiment were vinegar and baking soda.

Here is the rocket.

The rocket didn't launch very high or far.

Once daddy helped the rocket launched higher.

You have to be quick when doing this experiment because it might explode just like what happened with my daddy earlier. It was very exciting and educational. It taught me a lot about rockets.

Stay tuned for the next project with Serenity!

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