Sunday, August 9, 2015

Science with Serenity: Geology...Crystal Mining

Serenity was dead set on getting this crystal mining kit from Amazon. Little did I know that this kit would be so INCREDIBLY MESSY! Its okay...she had fun...she was happy and occupied for over 20 mins straight...and she got some pretty crystals out of it. Look away now clean freaks and anyone suffering from OCD. This is gonna cause you have been warned!

Now to give my blog over to Seri....

The plaster rectangle is very sturdy. It has crystals inside.

I had to cut into it and it was difficult. It took a long time to mine it.

It took over 3 days to get out all of the crystals. 

My daddy helped me in the beginning then I did the rest by myself.

I got super dusty! But it is fun to get messy. It got everywhere including on my pants!

Here is all of the crystals I mined! 

The green one is my favorite! Which one is yours?! I think the pink one stands out the most.

I loved the experience of mining my own rocks! I am still collecting some others.

***I seriously had to vacuum at least three times due to the amount of dust and dirt that flew off during this "excavation". She loved it though, obviously! So for those parents not bothered by a bit of ...okay maybe not a bit....a lot....parents not bothered by ALOT of dust floating about HERE is a link to buy your own kit!

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