Saturday, August 1, 2015

~Poland Week~ Day 5: Demographics, National Symbols, Weather, and Fashion

Yesterday: Food

It has been quite a week and I am behind on updating and have to shove a lot of information into this day! summer time activities can make it tough to focus on our learning schedule! We are going to go over demographics, national symbols, weather, and fashion today.

Poland is a fairly small country and has a small population because of this. Compared to the huge amount of people in our last country of study China this country is far from comparing! The population of Poland is about 38,383,809. The size is 120,728 square miles this makes it a bit smaller than New Mexico. The capital is Warsaw and the currency is called Zloty. In currency exchanges 1 zloty equals 27 cents in U.S. dollars.

The national symbols for this country are its white and red flag and its coat of arms. The coat of arms is on a red background with a white eagle with golden beak topped with a crown.This is said to originate from Poland's founder Lech seeing a white eagle's nest.

The weather in Poland is very mild and resembles weather here in the U.S. Cooler spring and autumns, warm summers, and cold from November to March. Near the mountain regions it stays cold and snowy, perfect for ski vacations. Poland has been affected by extra-tropical cyclones in the past. In 2008 a storm called "Emma" passed through the region and caused a lot of damage to the area. These types of weather systems can produce heavy winds and thunderstorms. Flooding has also been a concern for this country. The most disastrous flood in its history has been coined as the "Millennium Flood" and stemmed from the Oder river and its tributaries.

Fashion in Poland is fairly similar to other European nations. They have their own unique style when it comes to fashion shows just like many other countries but day to day clothes are comfortable and convenient. When it is cold, sweaters and scarves are worn and when it is warm short sleeves and cropped pants.I have found a video on YouTube that attempts to show 100 years of Polish fashion. It looks to me like a lot of countries had similar trends through the decades.

Thanks for following along with us this week and we shall continue our cultural journey next week with a look at Mexico.

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