Tuesday, August 4, 2015

~Mexico Week~ Day 2: Entertainment and Sports

Yesterday: Language and Landmarks

Today is such a fun day! Watching television shows and listening to songs is always a good time no matter the language! We are also taking a look at Mexico's favorite sports. When I think of learning Spanish, as an American mom, I can't help but think of Dora. When Dora came along kids were given a chance to learn Spanish in an exciting and fun interactive way. For Serenity it has helped a lot! She knows a lot of the words we are studying this week due to her Dora love. When I think of Mexican singers I think of Selena. When I was younger Jennifer Lopez portrayed her in a movie and I loved the music I heard then and now. I'm curious about Serenity's opinion since the song I chose from her is a tad bit older.

First thing I showed her was a video from a Dora the Explorer game that describes numbers and gives a Chichen Itza-like back ground. She was a tad bored but played along any way.

Next we watched a clip from a PBS show titled Noah Comprende. This show gives a lot of Spanish language to the viewer. Serenity really took a liking to this one!

We then watched a music video by the Mexican singer Julieta Venegas. Seri thought she was pretty and liked the video a lot!

The last entertainment related video we looked at was by Selena...I gave Seri a bit of back story on what happened to her and she felt bad about it. Selena was killed when she was still young by the head of her fan club. The woman had been stealing funds and Selena found out. 

When it comes to sports, Mexico has the most interest in is association football (soccer) and boxing. We discussed football before but this time I wanted to show a little bit of what the woman's Mexican team can offer. 

With boxing, I had to be very careful about what clips to show Serenity. I don't want to upset her with too much violent imagery. I found something that wasn't too brutal and braced for her reaction...the clip I found still seems a bit too much but it is a fighting sport after all.

 She hated it...willful infliction of pain is not for her!!

Tomorrow we will learn about Food and Fashion.

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