Monday, August 31, 2015

Doctor Who and 32!

My hubby's birthdays are always difficult to celebrate because he is not into "birthdays". It drives me nuts because I am very into them! I love celebrating in general but when its time to celebrate a birthday I get even more excited. I want to show that person how glad I am that they were obviously he makes me so frustrated every August 23rd.This year I let him plan a spontaneous trip to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, specifically Cape Charles. I posted a blog post about it that you can check out HERE. I also wanted to throw a small party for just him, Seri, and I. I wanted to make it Doctor Who themed and give us a chance to share with Seri one of the things he is really into. So here's what we did...

For decorating we went with a blue and white theme to represent the Tardis. Not a Dr. Who fan? Then scroll down and you will see the Blue and white Police box...that is the Tardis. I also found some round hanging decorations and decided to use those for the "round things" that are always on the walls of the Tardis interior.

Next we bought a Dalek and Tardis mold and made chocolates from it. A Dalek is pictured below along with the Tardis.

I wanted to incorporate something unique and interesting for us to wear that related to the Doctor so I bought 3D glasses. There is a very funny scene that I remembered where the Doctor has them on and I loved the idea of us getting pictures wearing them during our small party.

Aren't we cute? So besides the decorations and snacks we also sat down and watched a few episodes of Doctor Who together, the hubby was very happy!

He's not a big fan of regular cakes so we got him a cookies and creme ice cream cake. It was delicious!

We smothered him with love and as you can see he was made to feel special and cared about whether he likes it or not! (^_^)

The most important part of any birthday isn't the gifts, the shin dig, or the money involved in it all. The most important part is being with the people you love most and feeling cared about. I think Seri and I managed to do that pretty well for him and will continue to do so every year!

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