Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Exploring Virginia: A Cape Charles Expedition~~~

For my husband's 32nd birthday I went along with him on a spontaneous car trip...in the past this would have been impossible. I like to plan and chart a course. In the past I would be anxious and tense but now I feel more at ease. I enjoyed the suddenness and unexpectedness of the trip, and that really surprised me. Time goes by and as a person you change. As you experience new things you yearn to do so again and again.All three of us started off on this short vacay eager to have an adventure and we sure did!

We started off our trip entering the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and crossing over to the Eastern shore. Our first stop on the other side was to the welcome center. I recommend taking advantage of any and all welcome centers where ever you travel, also always ask the local guides about their favorite places. You can find a hidden gem this way. We were told that there was a short nature trail behind the building and immediately took off to check it out! The trail led to an old fort that held a massive cannon! Its a great photo moment so don't pass it by if you are out that way!

As we entered the fort we felt a rush of cool air that was both refreshing and eerie all at once. Serenity, getting creeped out, even screamed and ran at one point. She soon recovered her courage and looked around a bit before rushing off again. As we continued down from the fort we found amazing overlooks. It was beautiful and we were glad that we had decided to venture the path. There was a calmness there that made all of us feel at peace and we grew more excited for the rest of the trip.

Next we drove to Cape Charles, Va. If you are looking for a beautiful beach without the tourists and traffic then this is the town for you. It has a small town feel with family owned businesses and golf carts instead of cars driving residents from one place to another. The water was very shallow and incredibly safe for our little Serenity. We brought boogie boards to use but there was no need because the waves were small and gentle. We swam for a bit until the sun began to lower in the sky and then we walked down the main street checking out a few shops.

We went into a small shop down the street and tasted a few wines before buying a couple to take home. The shop was called Gull Hummock Gourmet Market. They were so kind and took time to give me information about each and every wine I was interested in and even gave a tip or two about others that I might enjoy. I felt like we were in a different time period during our visit. We had gone back in time to a day in age where kind and generous people were more abundant. The whole town was beautiful and friendly.

After our wine stop we stepped into an ice cream shop called Brown Dog Ice Cream. The couple that owns this quirky shop named the place after their very own brown dog. We got a chance to meet him outside. He sits around in the owners golf cart greeting customers on nice days. Their ice cream was delicious! With a constantly changing offering of home made ice creams like whopper infused, and a raspberry, coconut, and lemon curd concoction how could they be anything but spectacular? The best part was their waffle ice cream sandwich! It was so delicious that I was in shock while eating it! I greatly recommend a visit if you ever stop in to Cape Charles!

After our sugar coma passed we went back up to the beach near the fishing pier and got a picture with the Virginia Love Works sign. Throughout Virginia you can find these cute photo friendly signs. They represent Virginia's main slogan that "Virginia is for Lovers". I hope one day to visit every sign this state has to offer! To find one for yourself click HERE .

Before leaving the beach we also got a photo or two with the King Neptune statue. There is a much bigger version at the Ocean Front in Virginia Beach and this one felt like that ones little brother, but it had a much better back drop with a beautiful view of the bay!

Once we were finished up in Cape Charles we traveled down the easy hwy that runs the length of the eastern Shore and stopped in at The Blarney Stone Pub in Onancock. By the time we were finished eating the sun had fully set and our trip needed to be completed so that Serenity could get in bed. Over all it was a wonderful day and we had such an incredible time together. The hubby was happy and that made it all the more amazing in my mind.

Want more? Here are the photos I snapped with my phone.

For a refreshing trip to the seashore I suggest you give Cape Charles a look. You won't be disappointed.