Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seri @ Summer Camp Day 4 2015

Written By: Serenity

~Day 4~

Today I was outside A LOT! I went on a challenge course with my new friends. The challenge course had a walking plank and a swinging rope. We had to reach the rope somehow to swing across. I also got another chance to do archery. I was able to get in the white on the target, it is hard to aim. After lunch we went into nature and tried to fish in the lake with a net. We looked for animals like frogs, tadpoles, fish, and water bugs to put into a tank. At the end of the day we went into the pool. I was very hot so it was a good thing we went to the pool.

(Taken by Camp Staff)

(Taken by Camp Staff)

(Taken by Camp Staff)

For breakfast I had a biscuit, eggs, and something mysterious.
For lunch I had chicken nuggets, everything else was gross. They were things that I did not want like spinach and applesauce...Eww.

The best part of today was lunch because I got to talk to my friends a lot!

The worst part was getting even more boo boos.

Stay tuned for the next day's events. It will be the last day of camp. :(  Day 5 Final Day

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