Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Seri @ Summer Camp Day 2 2015

Written By: Serenity

~Day 2~

Today we went canoeing! It was good and bad. My new friend kept complaining about the way I was rowing. But I forgave her and we made up. It was a little hard to canoe. I like it even though it is hard. After that we went swimming in the pool! It was very very very fun! I went down a big water slide and splashed into the shallow water. I'm not a very good swimmer yet, but I am learning.

(Taken by Camp Staff)

(This was after the pool at the Trading Post)

For breakfast I ate French toast sticks, cinnamon apples, a sausage patty, and cereal. It tasted great!


For lunch I ate a BLT sandwich, applesauce, and some fries. I don't like apple sauce. Ewww! The rest was great!

At the Trading Post (shop) I got an ice cream to snack on and a Sprite.

The best part of the day was playing checkers at the Trading Post with my new friend Mia.

I didn't get many pictures this time, because I was having too much fun!

Stay tuned for the next day!  Day 3

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  1. Tristen enjoyed this, and said he hopes you have a good day at camp.