Friday, July 31, 2015

~Poland Week~ Day 4: Food (Picture Overload!)

Yesterday: Customs and Holidays

For our Food day we went to our friend's house. She is originally from Poland and her mother, who is from there, is visiting. They both taught the kids about a few Polish recipes and she also sat them down to talk about the Polish alphabet and show them a few videos. We went over a lot of Polish words and they were so patient with us as we were learning! We had such a good time and took a TON of pictures!

Check out how focused we were able to get them. Such good girls who all seemed genuinely interested in learning. Can't wait for school to start again so she can get some more enrichment.

Our pals Mrs. Justyna, Iza, Maja, and my Seri

Believe it or not that is POTATO dough! All the kids helped to roll and knead the dough before Justyna took over to finish it off.

Prime example as to why she is one of my favorite people!

Mother and daughter working together to make Polish food. Its a beautiful thing.

This is called kopytka and was delicious! I found a similar recipe online right HERE if you want to try this out for yourself!

She also made Polish style sauerkraut. I usually am not a fan of sauerkraut but this recipe was fantastic! Add bacon to anything and it becomes yummy!

Next she made Chrusciki. A bow tie fried cookie. If you want to try this recipe out yourself HERE is a similar one I found online.

Add a little powdered sugar and enjoy! Which we really did! This was obviously Serenity's favorite!

Look at them crazy kiddies...You can also see the Polish pickles they have been jarring on the back counter ;) 

I want to give a special THANK YOU to Mrs. Justyna for sharing her culture and home with us. We appreciate her so very much and are so glad to have her family in our lives.

Tomorrow we will finish things up with Demographics, National symbols, Weather, and Fashion!

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