Tuesday, July 28, 2015

~Poland Week~ Day 2: Entertainment and Sports

Yesterday: Language and Landmarks

Today we will be learning about Polish entertainment and sports. I haven't heard much about it before so I really had to do some digging to find examples to show Serenity. Compared to some of the other countries we have been learning about Poland is a bit smaller and tends to import entertainment in from other places. They do have a few home-grown shows and musicians though. I found a few family friendly ones to share with Seri from YouTube. Poland is part of Europe and I have noticed a trend among European countries when it comes to sports. They tend to have similar sports interests. I will try to talk about some of the few that I have not mentioned previously.

This is a Polish cartoon made back in 1967 and they kept being made until 1988. The main character is a cute little dog named Reksio.

This cartoon was made in 1969 and features two young brothers named Bolek and Lolek. The show is about the adventures these little boys experience.

This is Cleo. Some of her other videos were pretty provocative so I kept looking in hopes of finding a beautiful ballad. Her voice is so amazing! I am so glad she had a song like this that is safe to share with Seri!

A Polish version of Monster High....Yes! Perfect for my little girl! The singer is a Polish/Czech named Ewa Farna. I am pretty sure the language in the video is Polish but its hard to be sure as an English speaker..

The two sports from Poland I would like to talk a bit about are soccer (Football in Europe) and volleyball.

It seems that soccer is overwhelmingly popular no matter the country in Europe. Everyone wants to play it, everyone wants to watch it. Here are a few clips of prominent Polish players.

The Polish people also love the sport of volleyball. The Centennial Hall that I mentioned in yesterday's post is used to hold many events, volleyball matches included. Here is a highlight reel of some of the amazing players from Poland.

Tomorrow we shall discuss Holidays and Customs.

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