Friday, July 3, 2015

~France Week~ Day 4: Holidays, Customs, and Fashion

Yesterday: France: Sports and Crafting

Today we enjoyed fashion shows, kissing cheeks, and learning about Bastille day. We focused in on holidays, customs, and fashion from France.

France actually has a lot of the same holidays as the United States does. We both celebrate New years, Easter, and Christmas but France also celebrates Bastille day and WW2 Victory day. Bastille day is a national holiday celebrating French culture. They dance, eat, and pretty much just party it up. They are supposed to be holding a Bastille day locally in my city. I will have to try and take Seri to it and if I do I will make sure to write about it. WW2 Victory day is pretty straight forward. They celebrate the ending of World War 2 and Germany's defeat.

Moving on to customs. Manners are a big part of French culture. Manners at the table, during greetings, and during business are quite important. You have to make a good impression. When greeting, the French usually shake hands before and after meeting each other. Another greeting that the French and many other Europeans do is the kiss on both cheeks, but I assume that is for a more intimate friend and not something done at a business meeting. Other customs include reserving first names for family members and close friends only, always greeting your neighbors and those you meet with "Monsieur" or "Madame", and bringing the most expensive wine your budget allows along when invited to dinner.

When we got to the subject of French fashion Serenity's eyes lit up and she was more focused than ever. She clearly was interested and ready to learn. I found a video on YouTube of a Chanel fashion show and was shocked that she was attentive through the whole thing. Seri seemed quite taken with the French look and now wants to add a few new things to her wardrobe immediately!

Tomorrow is the last day of French week and we will be learning about the Demographics, National Symbols, and Weather

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