Thursday, July 2, 2015

~France Week~ Day 3: Sports and Crafting

Yesterday: France: Entertainment and Food

Today we talked about cycling and rugby which are popular sports in France. In the U.S. cycling isn't as big of a deal as it is in Europe. In Europe cycling is a beloved sport, they even have the Tour de France which is a huge cycling competition that takes place yearly. Rugby is a sport that many European countries participate in. Imagine football but with out the pads and a lot of diving into the goal area. Its a tough sport and Serenity found it extremely entertaining surprisingly!

We then learned a bit about Monet an impressionist french painter known most for his Water Lilies.

We decided to do a little painting of our own and see if we could give an impressionist feel to our works of art. The main point of Monet work is that they felt the paintings "looked unfinished." His paintings had  a blurry appearance that Seri and I tried to capture.

We did our best with our green, blue, yellow, white, and red paints. Even after we finished Serenity continued to churn out paintings. I thought it best to let her get her creativity out and catch a second of quiet to myself .   ;)

Tomorrow we go over Holidays, Customs, and Fashion. 

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