Wednesday, July 1, 2015

~France Week~ Day 2: Entertainment and Food

Yesterday: France Week: Language and Landmarks

Today we dove into French entertainment and food! We looked over songs, t.v. shows, traditional foods, and street foods. We also tried making crepes! We found a new singer we absolutely adore and a new food that we think is super tasty!

First up we have two well known French singers Zaz and Indila!

Serenity liked the second video best. She thought Indila sounded very pretty while singing and was very interested in the video. She kept asking me questions and I had to say "I don't know either Seri!" I think we will keep an eye on what songs she makes in the future!

Then we looked at a few animated videos. Babar and Madeline were popular children's books in France that were then translated and brought over to the States. They were also made into t.v. shows and even movies! 

I had forgotten how sad the first episode is and Serenity got very emotional. Any show or even mention of death upsets her. Ever since my mother passed away she has been more sensitive to the topic. Even more sensitive when death and mothers are involved. I still think it teaches a valid lesson on perseverance and acceptance of death but I do warn you about the difficult subject matter!

Serenity loves Madeline. She has even watched the live action movie a few times. This episode gives you a few french words, and lots of examples of french landmarks. The main landmark of the episode is the Eiffle Tower.

We then watched a YouTube video on street foods in Paris. We learned about Baguettes, escargot, cheeses, and crepes! Baguettes have only been around for about 60 years, there are 350 types of cheeses in France, escargot are snails and according to Seri...nasty, and crepes are delicious. We know crepes are delicious because we made them for dessert tonight!

Yummy Yummy! We love French week! (^_^)

Next up we shall learn about French sports and do a bit of crafting! Check back with the blog tomorrow to see all about it!

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