Friday, July 24, 2015

~China Week~ Day 4: Customs and Fashion

Yesterday: Sports, Landmarks, Holidays

Every country has its own set of customs. They each have there own traditions and ways of interacting with one another. We have different ways of greeting, eating, and parenting. We also have our own superstitions and ceremonies. I took a bit of time today to share some of China's customs with Serenity. Here are a few of the ones we talked about.

  • Marriage
When getting married in China the male partner has to save up. Money is extremely important. A wealthy man has far more luck in securing a bride than a poor one. Part of this has to do with the large difference in males to females in the population. In the past China declared a one child policy and a lot of children ended up being put up for adoption due to this. Those children were most often girls. This has to do with family and marriage customs. When you have a daughter and she gets married she leaves your home and joins her husbands household. This then left the woman's family with less help in their household financially and with physical labor. A boy was deemed more important because they did not leave. Marriage in China is  long process with negotiations and research done in to both families lineage. It can appear to seem like a business deal even.

  • Colors
Different colors have different meanings in China. These are three of the most known and represented.
Red- Lucky, happiness, wealth, fame
Black- Dirt, sin, evil, bad luck
White- Balances the other two colors, moderation, honesty, purity, neutrality

  • Greetings
China just like other Asian countries uses bowing as a form of respect. The lower the bow the more respect given. China also does a lot of business globally and uses the hand shake on many occasions. A business man will most often extend a business card with two hands when meeting someone for the first time.

  • Numbers
Just like in Japan certain numbers are considered lucky and unlucky in China. The luckiest number being 8 because it sounds like the word for lucky when spoken. On the other hand, 4 represents bad luck as it sounds like the word for death. Chinese people try to avoid using the number 4 in most aspects of life.

After going over the customs and superstitions in China we went to YouTube to see a bit of Chinese fashion. We found a video chronicling the experience of a young woman participating in a Chinese traditional clothing fashion show.

It is always fun to watch anything fashion related with Seri. She loves seeing the different styles and she wishes she could have a dress just like some of the ones in the video. I was more impressed with the head pieces and can't imagine having to go all day with that balancing on my noggin!

Tomorrow is the last day of our China week. We will finish things off by going over Demographics, National Symbols, and Weather

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