Thursday, July 23, 2015

~China Week~ Day 3: Sports, Landmarks, and Holidays

Yesterday: Entertainment and Food

Today we took a look at Sports in China. The sport that comes to mind when I think of China is gymnastics. I remember watching the Olympics when I was young and seeing China win gold medal after gold medal for their skill in gymnastics. I later learned that ping pong is one of the sports they are most known for. In recent years basketball has pushed past both of those to become the nations number one sport. I had no idea how popular it was there! I found a few clips of each to show to Seri. The gymnastics really impressed her! I was in awe watching some of the routines!


Ping Pong


Today we also learned a bit about a few popular landmarks in China. The most well known being The Great Wall. The wall was originally built along the Northern borders as a defense against invaders now it is one of the biggest tourist sites in all of Asia. We also learned a bit about The Forbidden City. The Forbidden City lies in the center of Beijing and was the imperial palace from the Ming dynasty until the Qing dynasty. Lastly we learned about the Terracotta Warriors museum. This museum houses over 8,000 soldiers and horses and over 10,000 unearthed bronze weapons. These statues represented the First Emperor Qin's army when he was buried.

A few video's about China including The Great Wall and The Forbidden City can be found HERE.

The Last thing we went over today was China's holidays. One of the most known holidays is called Chinese New Year. It is the last day of the Chinese calendar and celebrations last from that day until the Lantern festival on the 15th of the first month.Traditionally this holiday is when families would honor ancestors and deities.

Another holiday in China is the Mid Autumn Festival. When this festival is held it marks the time of harvest in China. We also have festivals for this Chinese holiday here in the U.S.

That is what we went over today. Tomorrow we will go over Customs and Fashion.

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