Wednesday, July 22, 2015

~China Week~ Day 2: Entertainment and Food

Yesterday: Day 1: Language

Today we delve into China's entertainment and food. China has a massive population with that come many forms of entertainment and creative expression. I will try to teach Seri about their music, television, books, and movies.Most Americans have experienced Chinese food at some point in their lives. OUR Chinese food is Americanized. With flavors and sauces being changed to suit our pallets. Traditional Chinese food is actually quite different. I will try to show this to Seri through videos and recipes.

Here are the music videos we listened to today:

Serenity loved the fashion and scenery. Immediately asking for a gown of her own.

She liked this cute Chinese pop girl group also. She's not to a boy-loving stage yet though so that concept was lost on her!

She has a new obsession with this Chinese cartoon. DramaFever provides tons of English subtitled and dubbed content and had it available. Here is the original Chinese version.

Lastly we watched a trailer for a movie based on a well known and loved novel about a Monkey King.
In the book titled "Journey to the West" a monkey born from a stone acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven he is soon imprisoned into a mountain by the Buddha. Later he escapes and accompanies a monk on a journey to collect Buddhist sutras from India. the movie seems to change up the story a bit.

A look at Street food in Shanghai.

One of our favorite Chinese foods! Dumplings!!!

Back on New Years 2014 I learned how to make dumplings for the first time...bout time I taught Serenity!

Perhaps later this week I will have time to!

Tomorrow we will talk about Sports, Landmarks, and Holidays

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