Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Active" Expectations

I have been told a time or two that I seem like a very active mom. I brush off the compliment pretty quickly because I don't FEEL like one. Yes I do things with Serenity quite often. I plan events and host things for our friends and us but when everyone is gone and its just my little one and me...I like to just relax. Her energy is as draining as a vampire at the water quickly circling and disappearing down the sink..I feel myself tiring out even just listening to this child chatter.

I love her dearly and have encouraged communication early I wish I could teach her restraint! She is a bright ball of excitement most of the time and calm is not her forte! When we are at home and the television is off..I try to engage her in coloring, reading, or a craft....then I can see a different side. She will stay quiet for 10-20 minutes...come find me....get occupied again...come to me....then once boredom hits my peace ends again.

I doubt we would be as "active" as others seem to think we are if I had a choice in it. If I don't distract and entertain her, Serenity would drive me mad! Questions, questions, questions.....a giggle and a joke....and more questions. Part of this might be her gifted-ness. She absorbs information and knowledge like the leaves absorb sunlight...she nourishes herself and is off to the next thing....before I can even breathe a single enjoyable breath.

So are we active...yes.
Is it a choice...slightly.
Would I like to turn into a sloth and hang around in a slow and easy manner....
Goodness YES!
Do I enjoy being "active".
Sometimes...but now and again I would like to not feel an obligation to it.

For those who do not have to keep their kids as engaged, trust me don't feel guilty or feel required. Some kids are fine on their own or entertain themselves. Serenity is not that kid. I suppose being an only child can play a large part in this behavior. She feels a need to include me, wants to have me involved. For the most part I want to. Except on the days I dream of being a sloth....and snuggling into a blanket...or eating ALL of my food by myself... :/

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  1. Tristen says "I love you" and I would like to kiss you, but not on the cheek, just blow you a kiss.

  2. I have a toddler and I have a feeling he will be the same way. It is usually him and I majority of the time, every day, and we do everything together. Like you mentioned, I too encouraged language and communication very early on and at 14-months, if you listen and watch he can tell you exactly what he wants 90% of the time and is already a talker from the time he releases that first morning yawn! lol :) You sound like a great mommy to me! Thanks for linking up #wineandboobs