Friday, July 17, 2015

A Mother's Letter to her Only Child

My darling Serenity Autumn,

There are many things I want to say to you. Many things I want to share. From the moment our eyes met, I was a new person. My world of depression and angst could no longer be the world I inhabited. I couldn't bring you into a world like that. My past, though it clawed at my mind from time to time, could not effect your future. This I told myself the moment my arms cradled your tiny body.

Slowly the past began to melt away as I spent my time doting on you. Laughing as you giggled, smiling as you grinned, and crying as you wept. My world grew bright and it was all due to your inner light. You are a warm, generous, empathetic, and energetic girl. I hope those qualities never change. Try to hold on to them because they make you an amazing person.

My little red headed beauty, remember to relax your thoughts from time to time. Count to three and slow things down. If you do, things will be easier and clearer for you.

My lovey, do not let other people dictate your self worth. You know that you are spectacular, own that knowledge and keep it safe.

My sunshine my only sunshine, do not live your life with worry and stress, live your life for memories and happiness.

My precious girl, Be cautious and smart. Don't ever let yourself get into a situation that is hard to get out of. You will live an easier life by having open eyes and saying "No."

My Seri, I love you. I fear for you. I hope for you. I wish for you. I cry for you. I scold you. I guide you. I watch you. I let go of you.

As time passes I know one day I will not be here. I know how hard that day will be for you when it comes. There is nothing I can do to change that. I try now to spend each day reminding you of my love. I try to encourage you. I try to give you the happiest life I can. With all my heart I want for you to live happily and never suffer through tragic things. I want you to go through life as pure and sweet as an angel. That is my biggest hope.

You are a lucky girl with lots of family and friends. Be grateful and respectful. Be the best person you can. You already are one of the best people I know and will ever know. It makes me believe that in the future this will not change, you will be someone others love tremendously. How could they not?

With Love and Care,
Your Thankful Mommy

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