Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Keeping Busy and Getting Some Culture This Summer

Summer time is here and I have started planning what to do to occupy my energetic little girl. She is not the kind of kid that just goes out to play. She has to explore, learn, and use up energy or else she gets grumpy and hyper. She has been labeled as Gifted and with that comes a large understanding of big concepts and an openness to learning new things. This summer I thought it would be a fun and a time-filling activity to explore new cultures.

Each week of summer vacation will be dedicated to a different country and culture. We will discover language, written and spoken.We will also explore foods, music, television, customs, weather, and fashion. In doing so, I think her eyes will be more open to other places and people. Once you understand another culture you can embrace it. One of the biggest flaws with this world is rejecting others' ideas and beliefs for your own. I feel that accepting the differences is possible without giving up your own. I hope to teach her this.

The countries we will be going through are as follows: Japan, France, S. Korea, Spain, China, Italy, Australia, and England. I also want to explore an African and South American country with her but haven't narrowed down which one yet. If you have a suggestion for us please feel free to comment with it below.

Each week I will post about our experiences and share the learning journey. We are excited to get started!

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