Thursday, June 25, 2015

~Japan Week~ Day 3: Sports and Crafts

Yesterday: Entertainment and Food

Today's focus, for our week long culture learning of Japan, was on sports and traditional crafts. We watched videos that showed sumo wrestling, karate, kendo, and judo. We also learned that baseball and soccer are popular past times as well.During the time that kids are in high school they usually are required to sign up for at least one extracurricular club. The amount of diversity is endless. Archery, dance, and many other sport clubs are available. Physical wellness is highly promoted!

Here are a few of the videos we looked at:




(Those little girls are ADORABLE!)

After learning about sports we tried our hands at a traditional craft. Origami is known as the art of paper folding. I bought Serenity some Pokemon folding paper and we tried our best to create paper cranes. It was tough but I think we did pretty well. ;)

Not bad for a first time! I also got a few things for her that fit our Japanese Week theme. She was extremely excited to go through it all!

Starting from the Left: Hello Panda strawberry cookies, Eevee Pokemon Origami paper, Pokemon gummy candies, Pokemon cards, and all the way on the right is a Happiness charm. In the back from the left: Hello Kitty flossers, and Konpeito sugar candy.

Tomorrow we will focus on Holidays, Customs, and Fashion. Check back in to take a look!

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