Tuesday, June 23, 2015

~Japan Week~ Day 1: Language and Calligraphy

Today is the first day of our culture week summer plan! This week we will be learning about Japan...or Nippon! We have begun our study with language. That way she can practice it all week. I will share a few of the phrases and greetings we are going to focus on further on below. We also practiced a bit of calligraphy which she found really fun! More on that below as well. Today also seemed like good day to embrace Japanese culture in her outfit, so she eagerly pulled on a Hello Kitty dress, fixed up her hair in pig tails and took out her parasol. Throughout the day I asked her how to say certain things in Japanese and she did pretty well for a 7 year old!

I picked some simple letters(kanji) to practice. The hardest being love(ai). We also practiced friend (tomo), and happiness (sachi).

She was very focused and excited to try this out :) Plus she got to use a paint pen...so yeah...happy!

If you are interested in printing these out and trying it too here is the link: Japanese Calligraphy Worksheets.

Hello Kitty + Parasol = Fancy girl.

Tuesday we focus on entertainment and food! Check back in tomorrow to see what we did! (^_^)

Our List of phrases:

Hello- Konnichiwa
Good Morning: Ohayo gozaimasu
Good evening: Konbanwa
Goodbye: Sayonara
Thank you: Arigato
Thanks: Domo
Excuse me: Sumimasen
Yes: Hai
No: Lie
I'm Sorry: Gomennasai
Mom: Haha
Dad: ChiChi
Daughter: Musume
Phrase to say before eating "I accept this food...let's start": Itadakimasu

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