Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Family Love Part 1:Jenn

I used to feel like I had a very small family. My mom and dad only had three kids and we were not extremely close to our extended family. We lived quite far from everyone so we had few chances to bond.
In this series of posts I want to talk a bit about my small knit family, as well as, my in laws. After marrying my hubby I gained more than just him. He came with 10 other siblings and his mother and father. As time goes by and those siblings grow up, get married, and have kids, my family grows ever larger.

Family Love Part 1: My eldest sister, Jenn.

Jenn is married to a man named Joe and has two children. Her son is Gabriel and her daughter is Ariana. Serenity adores them all! After our mother passed away Jenn and I grew very close. I sometimes feel like she has taken on a maternal role in my life. She worries and nags me all the time. ;) I know that I would be lost without her advice and care. Jenn is extremely intelligent with high aspirations and dreams. She pushes herself through any and all difficulties, over coming many sad or upsetting things in life by sheer determination. She is strong-willed and brave.
Her husband Joe and I have had our quarrels over the years but after all is said and done he loves and worries about us. He is always there for us when we need him. He is goofy at times and caring at others. Gabriel is extremely energetic and smart. He was able to name off dinosaur names at a young age...dinosaur names that I still can not pronounce even to this day. Ariana is very sweet and also very intelligent. She was reading and understanding big concepts at an early age. Serenity has been able to have quite a bit of contact with all of them starting from the day she was born.This has allowed her to build a beautiful friendship and connection with her cousins. Thank goodness for Skype because it allows them to keep in contact despite the distance that keeps them apart.

Deff part of the Crazy Quirky Family....

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