Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crazy Quirky Cupcake Challenge 2015!

For the love of cupcakes what have we gotten ourselves into?! Lately Seri has been obsessed with Cupcake Wars and cooking competition shows. She was so enthusiastic about them that without thinking... I mentioned that maybe we could have a family competition. She was over the moon and on my case every second until I made it happen.

So we set to work making a basic vanilla cupcake mix and then each of us came up with our own unique recipes from there.

Seri decided to add cocoa and make a chocolate explosion cupcake. It had a strawberry jelly filling and chocolate and cherry frosting.

The Hubby went all kinds of wacky on his...honestly I am not quite sure what ended up in the final product. All I know is that it was a vanilla cupcake with Jello involved and some kind of possible buttercream frosting?

I went a more citrus route. I added orange extract to the batter, as well as, some food coloring to make it an orange cupcake. Then I made a chocolate fudge filling and orange flavored frosting. I added a few orange slices on top to complete the image. My concept was an inside out chocolate orange!

We then took to tasting and ranking them....

In my opinion the hubby's was...not he secured last place pretty firmly. Serenity's was actually quite good. Very chocolaty and the cherry was a wonderful added element. I liked mine a lot but I love citrus tastes.

Serenity had a cute concept that actually worked. Her Chocolate Explosion cupcake was supposed to resemble a volcano. The inside being magma and the chocolate was supposed to ooze down when the wrapper was removed. It had the desired effect and was quite a cool idea.

Seri liked mine a lot but the hubby was not keen on the citrus.

So who won?

In the end the concept, taste, and cuteness could not be beaten!

I will have to up my baking game for next year's competition!

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