Thursday, June 4, 2015

Blind Bag Grab Bag YouTube Videos

I'm excited to share that we have started a new series of videos on our YouTube channel.It is called Blind Bag Grab Bag and is a series of videos of us opening up Blind bags. If you haven't heard of them before a blind bags/mystery bags/mystery boxes/blind boxes are secret bags/boxes that have a themed toy inside. There are Marvel, D.C., Frozen, and Hello Kitty bags.Pretty much you name it and there might be a blind bag for it. We have gathered a huge collection of them and each video is different.

 In the first video here we each "grabbed" two from our box full of bags and opened them up to show you what we got! Its a fun series that I hope you will enjoy and share. :)

Blind Bag Grab Bag Episode 1

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