Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A few annoyances of the last week.....

Most days I try to put on a happy face. I try to wear a smile and think happy thoughts just as Peter Pan taught me as a child. This is not always possible...for anyone. I don't care who you are, everyone has days where you want to run your mouth like a sailor who's been drinking...everyone has days where you want to let that little devil on your shoulder take over and tell the angel to shut the hell up.

For me those days come and go like a passing thought. For the most part I keep my anger in check with a little common sense and a glass of wine...other days my thoughts run loose like a wild dog. I have a lot of those "Did I say that out loud?" moments. Its hard to keep some things inside when they are bursting to get out.

Some of the annoyances of my last week might seem inconsequential to a few of you but taking my mental state into consideration might allow for better understanding. This month has so far been a month of mourning due to the anniversary of my mother's passing. On top of that add summer fast approaching, everyday life stress, and migraines coming and going. This would make anyone a tad grumpy. Which I am....I am grumpy.

Lets delve into my small world problems now.

First annoyance...Seri's ballet recital. During the recital they had a little acknowledgment was sweet. They were showing appreciation to the dedication of the families and dancers who had been with them for 3, 4, and so on years. Why was I annoyed then? Because Seri was not included despite the fact that we have been there for 3 years. This minor thing got me quite frustrated because we have done quite a few things with the dance company and Seri is she really should have been remembered. Add on to that an extremely annoying lack of communication with them and you get a pissed off Crazy Quirky Mom. I have called, emailed, and FB messaged them on several occasion only to be ignored...that doesn't fly with me. I'm trying to keep my cool though....first comes talking then comes action. (finally talked with them and they were very apologetic...but this still annoyed me for quite a chunk of this it stays!)

Second annoyance...slow drivers in the left lane. I think we all agree on this one. Why are you driving five miles under the speed limit in the friggin passing lane!!!??? Why?? I am an extremely cautious driver. Never had to be pulled over, not even once. Even being cautious, as I am, I go the limit at least...I even go about 5 over the limit on occasion....there is no excuse for going under unless you have a bomb on your vehicle that will blow if you do!!! Ughhh....annoying...

Stomach troubles and migraines. Suffice it to say my body hates me. If its not giving me stomach aches it's making my head feel like it has been blown up. The other day I even had to keep Seri home from school. She doesn't take the bus and I drive her everyday. When I woke up I knew it wasn't going to happen. I took my prescribed cocktail ( not something that made me unfit just Tylenol and caffeine mix kinda thing) and snuggled up with her to try and sleep the pain away. She was a trooper about it. I might miss her baby days on occasion but having a pretty self sufficient seven year old can be such a blessing!

Luckily these few things are the only troubles I have encountered thus far....honestly I am surprised social drama isn't among them. Last year I couldn't go a week without some issue, complaint, or little tiff of some kind. I am thankful for those days being long gone!

How was your week? Similar woes? Lemme know down below.

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