Monday, June 1, 2015

9 Years of Ups, Downs, and Serenity

I first met my husband after moving to Oklahoma in 2005. I had just graduated from high school and was unsure of which direction I would take. I had no plans for college, I didn't even know what I needed to do to get started. I left all of my friends behind and was living in an entirely new environment. It pushed me into a deep depression. I stayed at home every day and slept. My sister wanted to help me, one night she brought me along to meet some of her coworkers and friends. I was hesitant to go at first but figured what the hell... I knew I needed to get out of the house and into the world. As I walked into the party I met eyes with a tall blue-eyed young man lounging against the wall next to the entrance. There was a moment between us that quickly passed as my sister whispered to me who he was...her crush from work...

The next few hours involved me trying to initiate something between the young man and my sister...jokingly saying they should kiss, and teasing them here and there. I made the poor decision to drink quite a bit on top of this. I was among strangers, not including my sister, and extremely uncomfortable. Plus the only guy I had an interest in was already claimed by my sister. I wanted to let go and I began to not care what anyone thought. I swayed my hips to the music, cracked jokes, and made offhanded comments. Who is to say I would ever see most of those people felt good to not care what others thought for once...

Cut to half way through the late night sister pulls me aside and says, "I don't think he is in to me Jackie."
I immediately defend her to herself! "No, you are beautiful! I'm sure he is interested!"
She gives me a side ways glance, "Jackie I think he is actually interested in you."
I go to reject this thought of hers and as I open my mouth I glance towards the glass separating where we are on the porch with the living room inside. For the second time that night my eyes meet his, and he quickly looks away. "Maybe you are right..." I say. "But its doesn't matter, you are my sister!"
At this point she looks me straight in the eye and says, "Do it Jackie, I mean it! It doesn't bother me! You should see where it goes."

Drunk Jackie was easily convinced. That was the start of my husband and my relationship. My sister even gave him my number...she was the first person to connect him and I. Thanks sis!

He was 22 and I was 18. We moved quickly...from dating a few times to moving in together! After 3 months he haphazardly proposed :/ As is his style...I took my time saying yes but inevitably did! We were engaged for less than a year and were so very happy together! 

On May 30th 2006 we were married! We worked, had fun, and enjoyed our married life for almost a year then I became pregnant.

My husband and I had to plan for the future. We could no longer live freely with no cares because we had a little girl coming in to our lives. I have a genetic disorder called Marfans Syndrome and it can be passed on and can cause complications during pregnancy so our medical bills began to pile up. Together we made the decision that he should join the military to secure better pay and medical insurance. So I spent almost the entirety of my pregnancy without him while he was in Boot Camp. When he graduated I was able to see him briefly before he would leave again for schooling.

He was able to come home for the birth of Serenity but only a few days later he was gone again. He missed the first 6 months of her life due to his military duties.When he came back it was time to move us to our current home.Back to where I was born and raised. I was coming home and very happy about it!

The years have swiftly passed us by. My daughter is maturing in front of my eyes and I wish it wouldn't happen at such a quick speed. I try to hold her close and keep her my baby forever but I close my eyes for a second and she goes from 1 year to 7 as I open them. The years have had a multitude of moments. Good moments where we laugh and smile and care only for each other, and sad moments where we lose the ones we love and fight back the tears that threaten to take over. No matter the ups and downs we continue on in life stronger for all we go through.

What lies ahead for this Crazy Quirky Family? Endless possibilities...

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  1. What a great story. Congrats you too! Love the pictures. :D