Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Special Blind Bag For a Special Girl

Today we got amazing news! Serenity was accepted into a Gifted school that is really tough to get into here in town. I had to fill out an application and list in detail different qualities that she has that makes her special. The process made me feel like I had to "sell" my kid to them. That is never a good feeling. It felt like she was trying to get into a college. I tried to do my best to be honest and straight forward...also mentioning "Hey she is 7 after all...she hasn't saved the world...just give her some time ;) " The truth is that Serenity understands big concepts and is very good in math but she is still a kid and should be treated as such. Kids like toys...and surprises!! I made this special blind bag for her to get whether she got in or didn't. Either to congratulate or console her. She is a wonderful child and her smile melts my heart! When I can give her that smile its the best feeling in the world!  Here is what she got:

First up was Hello Kitty Cotton Candy. Delicious and fun to eat!

Next was a Frozen Lanyard. Very useful for house and bike lock keys!

Serenity always uses my hair brushes so I thought it was time for her to have a cute little one of her very own!

These are from a Disney Infinity Blind Bag...no idea what they do yet but we shall see soon!

This cute little Olaf came out of a Frozen capsule blind bag. isn't he adorable!

Described as a Hipster kitty, this lip gloss is stylish and handy for my little lady's lips!

Oh How Seri loves Monster High! 
When I found a blind bag with Monster High charms I had to get it for her!

Since she keeps getting chap sticks and lip gloss I figured a caboodle was in order...for those who don't know what that is, google it stat!

Lastly she got a Pop Fluttershy kit. She has been wanting one of these kits for a while...seeing YouTube videos with them has only strengthened her urging...so here you go kid! 

Yes, some will say I am spoiling my child. Some will think it wrong to give her things without a "real" occasion. For us I feel its okay. Seri is an only child. She lost her grandmother who was very active in her life last year and her best friend moved away. Even with those two major life changes happening she has done amazing in school and scored super high on her recent gifted exams. She also got accepted to a wonderful gifted school that is hard to get into...so I think she has earned a trinket or two. (^_^)

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