Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Pot Painting Play Date

Spring has come at long last and its the perfect opportunity for an outdoor garden play date. I don't really have a garden. I want one but I am so awful at keeping plants alive..instead of a green thumb I have a red for the metaphorical blood on my hands over all these dead plants. I want to change this. I want to grow and eat veggies from my own yard. So I thought it would be nice to get some cherry tomato plants and green pepper plants to start with. I got enough for a few friends and some pots to paint and keep them in temporarily. With it being Mother's day I thought this would make a great gift for them. Not a huge expense but a huge happy pay out for the kids. They can get creative and dirty and give us something nice.

Newspaper CHECK Paint CHECK Potts CHECK Kids? Not yet!

Guests arrived in bursts of one or two at a time which gave each kid plenty of time to work on their pots and swap out with someone else. Then the pots could dry and the kiddies could go play.

My beauty. She loves any chance to get artsy!

I went strawberry picking at a patch down the street right before starting the play date and then I made cinnamon biscuits to go along with it. The kids had chilled water and us mom relaxed with cups of tea. As the chaos of playing kids swirled around us inside then outside we were able to hang out, chat, and take a minute for ourselves.

Menu was kid tested and kid approved!

Here's the results of their hard work! I think they all came out vibrant and gorgeous!

All of them unique and special just like our kids!

Happy Mother's Day! 
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