Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mom Guilt...

I don't know how this effects other moms but for me my guilt can get pretty bad. I have moments of feeling so awful because of doing or not doing something while parenting. Why does Mom guilt even exist? Is it to make sure we don't abandon our young or neglect them? If that is the case there are an awful lot of moms who are lacking this emotional burden. At times I can see the benefit. It steers you away from making the same choices that proved disastrous again but then there are times where you shouldn't be feeling guilty. Yet there it comes like a tidal wave washing over and suffocating you. I guess the same can be said for anxiety. The two go together like PB&J. Yes I made a sandwich reference...such a mom thing. Still it is true.

Mom's who feel guilty almost always feel anxious day to day as well. We worry and try to protect and teach our children. It is perhaps that effort that we put in that sets us up for guilt when it doesn't work out for us. The love we have for our child also causes this guilt. To see them disappointed, hurt, angry, or sad due to anything we have done or not done makes us feel responsible doesn't it? So is there any way to fight against these feelings? Not unless you want to be a worse parent. To give up that guilt is to give up that sense of responsibility towards your child. They go hand in hand. You have mom guilt? You must be a great mom. That's how I see it. I try to tell myself that to get through it. I care and that's the important part. For those moms out there who don't get mom guilt, I wish I knew your secret! I'm sure confidence plays a part!

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