Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Disclaimer: This is me being real...being pissed...and being honest

For those easily offended this post may not be for you. For those who hate to read blogs chalk full of b*tching and ranting then this post is not for you. All other readers lets get down to the nitty gritty here.

Things that piss me off...rudeness, unfairness, over-sharing, meanness, excessive b*tching, misunderstandings, close mindedness, entitlement, and ungratefulness.

Starting us off is rudeness....Why the hell is it so hard for some people to use basic manners and courtesy. We all live on this earth together show some friggin respect for others. Use a damn signal, say excuse me and thank you, act like you give a sh*t about someone other than yourself. There is no excuse in my mind for being an a**hole. Its a choice...

Unfairness makes me break out in hives. I can not stand being wronged or seeing someone else wronged with no repercussions. This world is cruel they say, why? The world is cruel because wrongs go un-punished and evil or cruel people continue to be so. There is a cycle, a never-ending loop of hurt, and it spins everlasting into the future.

When it comes to over-sharing let me be clear about what I can't stand and why. We all have gone through difficult things in our pasts. We all have bad memories. Sometimes we need to talk about it, I don't think this is wrong. I think sharing and leaning on friends is important to get through difficult times. What pisses me off or more accurately...what makes me uncomfortable is when someone I just met divulges to me a whole history of damage done to them upon our first meeting. I hate being uncomfortable and they are practically a stranger to me...I wish this kind of situation wouldn't happen and I do understand why it happens. Perhaps a lack of friends or family support plays a part...but boundaries need to happen with new interactions. Lets stick to the weather and what book we are reading...not what happened when you were 10 years old...especially when our kids are running around playing tag 2 feet from us.

I consider myself a decent person. I care about other people and I try to help out when asked or needed. I can not stand meanness for meanness sake. I can not stand bullying. I went through  a lot of it in my younger years. I was a tall girl among an entire student body of short kids. I was stick thin, wore glasses, and got good grades...I was an easy target. So when I see bullying taking place it enrages me. When it comes to my loved ones...it will not be tolerated...one bit!

Well lookee here I am sitting her b*tching about things I hate and one of them happens to be about b*tching...but lets be clear...what I hate is when its excessive. When all you see on social media are complaints and when they are hanging out with you in person and carrying on about all the wrongs and ridiculous problems in their lives..never letting you speak or even offer advice...this is what I hate. Some people just love to complain...so much so that even when you give them some advice on how to fix something they will make an excuse not to do it so they can keep on complaining...insanity! But it happens doesn't it? Most people know someone like this right?

Another thing that I can not stand are misunderstandings. They are bound to occur but misunderstandings can be resolved...unless the person you have a misunderstanding with refuses to hear you out. If they refuse to let you explain your side or clear up the misunderstanding then what can you do? I can not stand this. The only reason I can think of for this is that the person doesn't want you to clear it up. They want to have a reason to dislike you or not have you in their lives any more..or they are just a**holes...either one really.

Then we come to close-mindedness. I am a very open minded person, or at least I would like to think so. Gay, straight,  republican, democrat, religious, non religious, black, white, rainbow, whatever...I try not to judge...I can not stand when someone clearly hates someone else over these things. Why is it your place to claim that someone else is wrong. What right or knowledge do you have that is so superior that you know the true path and true way to live in this world. You don't. We all just deal with what is given to us. Judging and hating gets you no where.

When I see kids, and adults acting entitled I lose my mind a little. I can not stand how some teens in this generation go around acting like they are owed something. I hate seeing some act like they deserve so much for doing so little. You earn what you get, you work for it and do your best. Don't sit back and pretend you did anything to earn a free hand out. This country was built on the back of hard working individuals...and yet some do nothing to contribute. It pisses me off.

Lastly, we come to ungratefulness. This life is limited. It lasts for only so long...its finite....and yet so many do not cherish it. We have to live each day the best we can...Sometimes I am ungrateful...I sometimes can not see how lucky I am and I hate it. I have to push myself to see the positive. For those who don't bother to do so, you must learn to. Otherwise what a miserable existence you shall have.

Now that we have come to the end of this rant I feel relief. Sometimes you have to vent. Sometimes you have to let out all the frustration in order to have a more happy heart. Its quite refreshing really...

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  1. I agree! Especially about the manners and bullying! I wrote a post on manners awhile ago. Take a look if you want - I am sure you will love it :).

    Well done. No offence taken here. #wineandboobs

  2. A good rant - I can't stand bullying and somehow feel there are more bullies around in this day and age compared to when I was a child.

  3. Lovely rant, rudeness drives me to distraction! Thanks for linking with #effitfriday

  4. Great rant! I agree with you on it all! Manners of course hit a big one with me as there are a fair number of people out there that do not have them! Thanks for linking on #effitfriday