Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dance Class...and its Wonders....OH and Costs!

I knew from the moment I gave birth to Serenity that this kid needed to be in dance classes. Why? Because I am super tall, skinny, and clumsy as hell. There is a high possibility she will be too, right? How can I remedy this problem? I have to get this kid some grace and balance! Where is the best place to learn those things? Why ballet of course! Thank goodness she loved to dance when she got older or else I would have had to force this child into those leotards and lock her into the studio. Such extremeness was not needed, whew!

Serenity took to ballet really quickly, even doing better than some of the little girls who had been there longer. She was 3 though, so not a dance genius or anything, but she did great at memorizing. What shocked me the most when getting her signed up and situated was the costs involved. I knew it wouldn't be cheap but I had no idea how expensive it truly is.Ballet gear isn't cheap you have to get several pairs of tights, leotards, a bag to store her things, ballet shoes, and also tap shoes.Then you have monthly fees that generally are around $45 a month for a class a week. Okay, start up is rough but after that its smooth sailing...then comes recital time. At that point you have recital fees and recital tickets to pay for. Its deal-able nothing too crazy until you gt the bill for the costume. What the hell!!!???? I don't even pay this much for clothes for myself! Recital costumes can range from $60-100 USD. I wish I were kidding...

You have to think to yourself is it worth it? For my tiny 3 person family it is. Seri loves dancing, she has so much energy to get rid of, and she is lonely as an only child. Could my guilt over that be influencing my decision....yeah...but her feelings and wants influence me more. I can not wait for school activities and sports. Currently there are none for her grade level. I will save so much money when she gets older and can join the dance team and clubs. For now, I have to pay for her to enjoy and learn but its worth it. She's worth it. :)

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  1. She is absolutely adorable! My daughter is 4 and I was wanting to put her in dance but the cost does weigh heavily on my mind. but you are correct, they are worth it.

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