Friday, May 29, 2015

~~~Bring on the Beach ~~~

We finally got to head out to the beach over the holiday weekend! Unfortunately for us it was super breezy and cold! :/ The wind was so chilly that we had a hard time at first. Luckily for us by 1pm it had warmed up a bit and we could enjoy ourselves more comfortably without the shelter of every single towel covering our bodies!. We brought a lunch and settled down on the sand. As soon as we were set up my wild child was stripping off her dress and crashing over the sand dunes towards the waves!

I can't blame her for being so excited. It has been quite some time since we were last at the ocean. Been a long year and chilly most days. The water was warmer than expected so she splashed around a bit until the icy wind forced her back up to our little section of beach.

 I wrapped her up and cuddled her as she ate lunch then we began to play in the sand. We built a sweet little castle, complete with moat, and the hubby buried her in the sand too. To her dismay, I had to send her back down to the water to rinse off then we all curled up in the towels and laid down on the blanket to soak up the warmth from the sun beams.

It was a sweet memory and calm moment. Lately things seem to be moving so quickly...days passing by and moments like this one are rare. Family is so important, you have to cherish one another. After a bit of relaxing we packed it up and headed out. Over all it was a spectacular day with the two loves of my life!

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