Friday, May 8, 2015

Appreciate your Family No Matter the Hardships

I am a stay at home mom but I am also a military spouse. Sometimes I wish I could go out and get a job and I know other military spouses do but then I think about what will happen when he deploys again. I think about summer break, spring break, and sicknesses for my daughter and I reconsider.

Currently my hubby is on shore duty, for non military savvy readers that means he isn't deploying on the ship during this time, and we have had so much time together. I couldn't be happier than I am right now having my small but precious family together. This wont last forever though, soon he will get assigned to a ship again and I have no way of knowing how much time he will spend here, with us.

When he was deployed in the past the amount of time he was away was extreme. One deployment even lasted 11 months. So he was gone almost an entire year. My daughter spent her first few years strictly with me, which definitely turned her into a mama's girl! I see the repercussions of that in their interaction now. She tends to get annoyed easily and angry at him for little things. She has a hard time understanding him or agreeing with him over me, but she tries to be fair. She tries so very hard to not choose between us. I am proud of her for being so empathetic. This life, as a military family, is a very tough one. You have to give up a lot. No matter the sacrifices you have to keep trying and loving one another. I have witnessed the destruction of many a military marriage due to separation and selfishness. When we see this happening around us we try very hard to grow stronger rather than pull away from each other. You have to cherish your children and spouse. You have to love them and appreciate them! Military life reminds me of this constantly.

Cherish your family. Cherish the time you get with them. Cherish their smiles and laughter. Cherish the moments that warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes. Cherish each kiss and each hug. Cherish the warm hand in yours and the silent goodbyes. Cherish the love you receive. Cherish your family.

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